Dr Oz: Crispy Apple Smoothie Recipe + Shrink Drinks Rapid Weight Loss

The Crispy Apple Smoothie is a perfect dinner option on the diet plan to help you lose two pounds in one day, as approved by Dr Oz.

“After age 30, you lose 1{0621982e240948c18ac18f2bb38f6c74638536dbc7ee5985cf89d7e2b9dd0e73} of muscle per year. In order to build that muscle back up, you need that protein,” Dr Caroline Apovian said. She is the woman behind The Overnight Diet, which was featured on Dr Oz and promises that you can lose two pounds overnight by jump starting your routine with a menu of drinks like her Crispy Apple Smoothie Recipe.

There’s never a wrong time to think about the beach, so if you are ready to get in shape with your swimsuit body, you can put this plan in motion. It just takes one day of healthy and delicious smoothie recipes to get the results you are seeking.

Dr Apovian’s Fat Flush Diet plan calls for the following elements, which would go into effect after you have done a one-day liquid diet using these smoothie drink recipes:

– Four 3 oz. servings of protein
– 3 servings of whole grains
– 2 servings of dairy
– 4 servings of healthy fats

Make sure you are also getting a full night’s sleep to keep your sleep hormones from interfering with your attempt to lose weight. Soothe inflammation and shrink fat cells by enjoying a drink at the end of the day…it’s the doctor’s orders! (Read: Sleeping Naked Is Good For You)


– 1 scoop protein powder
– 1 cup water
– 1 apple, cored, seeded and quartered
– 1 medium orange, peeled and quartered
– 1 banana, sliced
– 2 handfuls spinach
– 1 medium carrot, peeled and sliced


Add all the ingredients to your blender and mix them together before drinking.

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