Summer Weight Loss: Expert Diet Tips To Lose Weight The Healthy Way During Summers!

Summers might be difficult for us in a lot of different ways, but it is also kind of a boon for people wanting to lose weight. This is because one tends to sweat a lot naturally, due to the heat. Moreover, you don’t feel very hungry during the summers. The cravings for greasy and oily foods are particularly dormant during summer months. This is because the body craves cold foods and beverages more. Add to that our tendency to drink more and more water during the day, which automatically fills us up and eliminates frequent hunger pangs.


So if you’re someone wanting to shed kilos quickly, make the most of summer time! There are some dietary habits that can help you achieve your ideal body weight during the summers.

Consultant nutritionist Dr. Rupali Dutta suggests some quick tips to lose weight during the summers:

1. Stay Hydrated

This is the one rule for weight loss that is evergreen and that everyone wanting to shed kilos faster needs to follow. So what is the best way to beat dehydration? According to Dr. Dutta, water, followed by coconut water, lemon water and the desi summer drinks like kanji and aam panna, are some of the best drinks to keep yourself hydrated. The lesser the amount of sugar in your drink, the better it is for you. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times and take small sips to fill yourself up.

2. Fill Your Plate With Summer Veggies

Dr. Dutta says that summer vegetables are low in calories and hence, including more of them in your daily diet will help you lose weight quicker. Vegetables like cucumber, bottle gourd or lauki, eggplant or brinjal and bitter gourd are all foods that are very healthy and can promote weight loss.

3. Load Up On Summer Melons

Watermelons and muskmelons are widely available during the summers. Besides being delicious thirst quenchers, these melons are also low in calories and hence are great for your summer weight loss plan.

4. Eat More Probiotics


Indians eat a lot of curd during the summers, in the form of lassi and chhaas, which is great to promote digestive health. Your digestion tends to get troubled during the summers, which can hinder weight loss in a big way. Make sure you include a lot of probiotics in your diet to keep your digestive system healthy during the summers.

Obviously, working out is also important for weight loss, whether it is summers or winters. Pro tip: Water is the best drink to hydrate your body while working out. It has no added sugars or preservatives and does not give you an energy crash which is a characteristic feature of many caffeinated energy drinks.


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