Are Ramdev Baba methods effective for weight loss?

Yes ! Yes all the methods that are given by baba ramdev are effective as he the core knowledge of ayurveda and along with him acharya balkrishan also has a vast knowledge in the medicinal properties of all the ayurvedic herbs, and the most important fact to know that he has a team of over 300 naturopathic scientists who research and test on the effectiveness of the ayurvedic remedies that are provided by baba ramdev and acharya balkrishan to them. And as a bonus i am sharing with you a new effective remedy for weight loss provided by baba ramdev.

This natural powder remedy is a natural fat burner and can lose upto 10 kg in a month when taken in proper dosage. And along with this remedy kapalbhati pranayam will play a wonder in loosing weight.

I am a doctor and I am writing this after a fair bit of experience in Weight (Fat) loss therapies.

There are no magic pills or yogas or diet that will help you lose fat. If you wanna lose fat, remember these:

Always generate calorie deficit.

Hit the gym.

Eat balanced diet. Protein specifically.

And plz go see a good dietician personally rather than searching your answer here.

Most important: If anyone seems to hand you a specific product for weight loss with guaranteed results; take a deep breath and just run bcoz they are selling that product; not helping you with your weight.

Hope I helped.

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